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Stovax Sheraton 5 Wide Review

While this device is not IT-related, I needed to do a review of it, mainly because the design is disappointing, even though it is brand new and conforms to UK law.

Manufacturer's WebsiteShearton 5 Wide from Manufacturer's Website

This was bought to provide heat for one of our new office rooms.

It was chosen for the following reasons:

  • to fit in with our Victorian building
  • has a nice big window to show the fire
  • it is the biggest fire that will fit in the old fireplace and conform to airflow requirements

Installation by a professional HETAS installer was straightforward.

However, there a several poor design features that mean that we cannot recomment this stove:

  • The baffle at the top is too small, so when the door is opened to add more fuel, smoke and flames can exit the stove and into the room. This does not happen with an older stove we have that has ~5cm of frame above the door and before the flue starts.
  • Even when the airflow control it set to open, there is a "rushing" sound of air heard, which is unnecessary
  • The stove came with a rather poor "handle" to either open the door or remove the ash tray - not really sure which. It is just a rectaungular strip of silver metal, which looks completely different in style to the rest of the stove
  • The stove area where wood is placed is so shallow, that it is difficult to add wood without it falling out. A higher front bar should have been provided to stop this from happening

The picture (right, cropped from manufacturer's website) shows a raging fire. It looks nice, but if the door was opened during this stage, it is highly likely that the flames would actually come out and into the room!

All in all, while it looks good, the design is poor, and when we come to putting a stove in the next room, we will not be choosing this model.