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PowerTech Systems LiFePO4 Batteries Review

48V 105AH LiFePO4 batteryOver the past few years we have bought several of these batteries, and thought it was time for a review.

We have bought the following products:

We have been using the the 48V veresion with the MorningStar Charge Controller, previously reviewd for the last ~2 years with a ~2KW Solar PV system.

During this time over 2MWH of power has passed through the system.

Capacity seems to be around the advertised level.

The Battery Management System seems good, and looks after the battery well.

The Battery custs off around 44V, which has happened a few times due to lack of a suitable LiFePO4 load disconnect at the moment.

This has happened a few times due to the inverter equipment used which is not expected to be used on Lithium batteries that tend to use a higher voltage than Lead-Acid.

A few minutes charge from an external 48V charge allowed the solar charge controller to resume charging.

A review of the inverter will be done soon.

PowerTech Systems were selected as they are Europe-based, so I know where they live, and I can speak the language!

Their products are twice to three times the price of Chinese equivalents, made by randomly-named, unknown companies, sometimes with conflicting or fake specifications, which could be an expensive mistake.


  • Produced in Europe (France)
  • Good warranty period, an extended warranty can be purchased


  • Only one distributor in the UK (
  • The larger batteries (eg the 48V 105AH version) may not be the right dimensions for all applications, and 19" rack versions might be preferable
  • No built in fuse/breaker or display
  • Higher cost than other potendial alternatives