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Go Green IT Consulting offers a comprehensive range of IT Services in the UK, Europe and Asia to support businesses of all sizes.

Offering cost-effective IT Services, Go Green IT Consulting can deliver a service that will suit your organisation’s needs, regardless of business size or industry sector. We will work with you to understand your challenges, then define and implement IT service solutions to meet your individual needs.

We have an extensive experience under IT Network Installation, which, combined with IT Network Management and Network Monitoring give us the capacity to design and implement any data centre. Our IT Project Management services guarantee different IT Projects will be delivered on time and with pre-defined resources.

Our IT Services include:

  • IT Consulting - Go Green IT can support businesses of any type and size with personalised levels of service, ensuring all your IT challenges will be meet both now and in the future;
  • IT Network Design– We give expert advice; review, design and build secure Cisco Networks; choose the right product for different needs then deploy and manage it. With Cisco solutions return on investment can be significant;
  • IT Network Security– We can provide a system which alerts whenever something is wrong (virus or malware infections, crashed servers or power outages).
  • IT Network Management – Your network will always be up, running and documented. Any problems will be spotted and dealt with. We will also maintain, upgrade and repair as necessary. Our services include security, improved performance and reliability of your network.
  • IT Network Installation - We provides expert IT network installation to match the exact needs of any organisation. Correct Network installation is a must to avoid wasted time and troubleshooting problems. Our knowledge and experience gives us the confidence to offer expert network installation.
  • IT Project Management – Strong technical project management is fundamental to the success of any implementation. We understand how important delivery within an agreed timescale and budget is, to the success of your business.

No matter what contract you require we are available for both the short or the long term, and can improve performance, reliability and scalability of your infrastructure. Go Green IT Consulting combine sound technical knowledge with hands on experience in solving business problems across a wide range of different industry sectors.